The gals had the privilege of interviewing Sonny and Matt from The RazaReforma Podcast. They discussed their testimony, podcasting, church work during social distancing, and much more. We hope that this conversation will be edifying, and that you’ll take some time to subscribe to their podcast. The information for all their social media, and platforms, can be found in the outline below.

Raza Reforma Outline

1. Intro
a. How do yall know the Friendly Calvinist? – TS 00:01:45
i. Becca thinks that how she found your content???
2. Raza Brothers gave us a great shout out recently! Whoop whoop
3. Raza Reforma- Brother Sonny and Brother Matt (Mateo) not potato TS 00:03:45
a. @razareforma
b. Tagline intro
i. “Just a couple of reformed guys with a podcast! Check out the link for our podcast, and YouTube channels!”
4. Testimony –
a. Matt TS 00:10:30
b. Sonny TS 00:30:20
5. Pastor and working for the Church? TS 00:42:20
a. Matt:
b. Sonny:
5. Shepherds conference experience!! TS 00:49:55
6. Future projects, podcasts, episodes? TS 01:02:55
7. What are you all currently reading? TS 01:08:25
8. What sermons and books have been super impactful to your Christian walk? TS 01:13:00
9. How can our HumbleBees find your content? TS 00:10:30
b. Social Media:
10. Shenanigans TS 01:24:05
a. Pineapple Pizza: Yay or Nay?
i. Lauren’s Question
ii. Becca’s Question

If you’d like more information about Tulips & Honey check out their website: 5Solas.Online
Their Blog over at:…
Their store:…
or their Patreon here:

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