On today’s Equipping You in Grace show, Dave talks with Dave and Holly Pivec about the concerning influence of Bill Johnson and Bethel, how they interpret the Bible, govern the church, why and how Christians can engage in discernment, and speak out against this movement, along with her book with Doug Givett, Reckless Christianity: The Destructive New Teachings and Practices of Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, and the Global Movements of Apostles and Prophets (Wifi and Stock, 2024).

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • Who Bill Johnson and Bethel are and how has their influence grown and why is that important to understand.
  • The biggest reasons why Christians should be concerned about Bethel.
  • The concerning nature of Bethel church’s government.
  • How Christians should evaluate the shocking claims made by Bethel and Bill Johnson.
  • What is so concerning about the Passion translation.
  • The most concerning thing about how Bethel interprets the Bible.
  • The problems with Bethel’s claims of “binding and loosing” and how Christians should think about them.
  • Help for the average Christian on speaking out against the New Apostolic Reformation.

About Our Guest

Holly Pivec is a blogger, author, and speaker, as well as a pastor’s wife and homeschooling mom. She has a master’s degree in apologetics from Biola University, where she also served as university editor for nearly a decade. She has coauthored two books about the New Apostolic Reformation: A New Apostolic Reformation? and God’s Super-Apostles. She operates a popular blog which has followers from around the world, and has spoken and written for several audiences and outlets.

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