Few issues pertaining to Christian theology are as under attack these days than the doctrine of Scripture. Understanding what the Bible is and how the story of Scripture relates to our lives is critical in our day. This is especially true given the rise of biblical illiteracy in our day. Many Christians have no idea how to answer even the simplest of Bible answers. Learning what the Bible is and how to defend it is absolutely essential. I was thrilled, therefore, to read Greg Gilbert’s new book Why Trust the Bible? because it is a helpful resource that will help Christians to understand what the Bible is and how the story of Scripture relates to our lives as Christian.

The book looks at translation theories, the canon of Scripture, the truthfulness of Scripture, and more. The unique aspect of this book is setting the doctrine of Scripture in a more conversational tone. The author clearly understands the doctrine of Scripture but isn’t interested in only setting forth arguments for why God’s people should believe the Bible. Instead, the author is concerned to help people understand what the Bible teaches. To do this, he weaves in personal examples, illustrations, and stories that help the reader understand that the Bible is, the Word of God.

Why Trust the Bible? is a very helpful apologetic for the doctrine of Scripture. There are plenty of books on the Scripture that are more academic in nature. There are not as many that are as accessible as Why Trust the Bible? for the layman. Lay people might read an article about the miracles that deny the miracles of Christ. They might also read an article about why they shouldn’t believe that Adam was a real person in real history. They might become convinced of the position they’ve read but not studied, and begin to believe that the Bible isn’t the Word of God. This is why we need books like Why Trust the Bible? Christians need to understand what the Bible is so they will pick up the Bible and study it. Why Trust the Bible? is a fantastic resource and a tool that will help people understand what Scripture is all about.

Why the Trust the Bible? is a helpful book for the skeptic on to seminary students studying the doctrine of Scripture. Along the way, the author provides helpful guidance through well-written prose that will help readers to understand this critical doctrine. Whether you are a new or seasoned Christian this book has something for you. We all need instruction and we desperately need to learn to defend the truth of God’s Word. Why Trust the Bible will help Christians learn what Scripture is so they might defend the truthfulness  of God’s Word.

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