On today’s Equipping You in Grace Dave and Laura Perry Smalts discuss what is happening in college campuses, universities, in sports, and in the media on transgenderism, along with giving advice to parents, and Christians walking alongside and trying to help those stuck in transgenderism.

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • What is happening on our college campuses and universities with respect to transgenderism.
  • What is happening with the rise of transgenderism in sports.
  • How Hollywood and social media have contributed to the rise of transgenderism.
  • The most concerning aspects of the rise of transgenderism in our day.
  • The most concerning aspects of the rise of support of transgenderism in the church.
  • The danger of hermeneutical gymnastics.
  • Advice for parents whose children are being indoctrinated at every stage of their schooling on transgenderism.
  • Advice for Christians walking alongside and trying to help those stuck in transgenderism.

About the Guest

Laura Perry lived for nearly a decade as a transgender man named “Jake,” before realizing the deception of the transgender lifestyle and leaving it all behind. Embracing her true identity as a woman, she shares her story at churches and conferences, in articles, and on various programs, to help others find the same freedom she has. Laura is on staff with First Stone Ministries in Oklahoma City and has been featured in the American Family Association documentary “In His Image.” She is now happily married to her husband.

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