On today’s Equipping You in Grace show, Dave talks with Laura Perry Smalts about her testimony from transgenderism to the Lord Jesus, and how she views her story through a Christ-centered lens, the dangers of puberty blockers, and medical transitions, the truth about regret and why we don’t hear from detransitioners, God’s design of men and women and why it matters, gospel hope for those enslaved in sexual sin, along with her book, Transgender to Transformed a story of transition that will truly set you free (Genesis Publishing, 2019).

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • Laura’s testimony of how the Lord led her through many different experiences from transgenderism to the Lord Jesus and how she views those experiences through a Christ-centered lens.
  • The dangers of puberty blockers and medical transitions.
  • The truth about regret and why don’t we hear from detransitioners.
  • God’s design of men and women and why it matters.
  • Dealing with bitterness, guilt, and shame associated with sexual sin with the gospel.
  • What gospel hope looks like for those stuck in sexual sin.

About the Guest

Laura Perry lived for nearly a decade as a transgender man named “Jake,” before realizing the deception of the transgender lifestyle and leaving it all behind. Embracing her true identity as a woman, she shares her story at churches and conferences, in articles, and on various programs, to help others find the same freedom she has. Laura is on staff with First Stone Ministries in Oklahoma City and has been featured in the American Family Association documentary “In His Image.” She is now happily married to her husband.

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