Another year is coming to a close, which means book lists are slowly but surely coming out.  One of our contributors Aaron Armstrong posted his top books for 2011 list on Wed. You can access his top books for 2011 here:

This year I read well over a hundred books between reading for seminary, publishers, personal reading, and research papers. Truthfully I stop keeping track after I read one hundred books, which was around September of this year. I have always enjoyed reading since I was a child but most of my reading these days is academic in nature. My wife and I joke that my “hobby” of reading has become an addiction, and I think she may be onto something as the pile of books in my office continues to grow so much that I have to put more and more of my books from my office in the garage where I store books I don’t read very often in large covered storage tubs.

Here’s my “top eleven” list of books I read in 2011. At the bottom of this post, I have also included a list of  “honorable mention” books I think deserve to be read by every Christian.

#11- Marriage Matters: Extraordinary Change Through Ordinary Moments (New Growth Press, 2010) by Dr. Winston Smith. Many marriage books major on providing self-help advice but do not explain how the Gospel ought to affect believers’ marriages. In Marriage Matters Dr. Smith takes biblical principles and applies them to daily life so that ordinary marriages can become extraordinary. Every married couple should read this book in order to learn how to communicate with one another in a God-honoring way. Here is my review of Marriage Matters Dr. Smith blogs at

#10- Getting Back in the Race: The Cure for Backsliding Top Books for 2011 1(Cruciform Press, 2011) by Dr. Joel Beeke. This is an important book that will help believers diagnose not only where they struggle in their walk with God but how to address backsliding in their lives. This book is thoroughly biblical, written purposeful with a pastoral tone and is Gospel-saturated. Here is my review of Getting Back in the Race: The Cure for Backsliding

#9– Servanthood as Worship: The Privilege of Life in a Local ChurchTop Books for 2011 2 (Cruciform Press, 2010) by Nate Palmer offers Christians a biblical understanding of Servanthood that is grounded in the Word of God and the Gospel of God. This book will help churches and or long-established congregations to understand and live out the Truth of the Gospel in their local context. I recommend every Christian read this book to get a better understanding of what biblical Servanthood is. Here is my review of Servanthood as Worship Nate contributes weekly to Servants of Grace.

#8-  Jesus + Nothing= EverythingTop Books for 2011 3 (Crossway, 2011) by Pastor Tullian Tchividjian contains the story of how God rocked Pastor Tullian’s life by reading, studying and preaching though the book of Colossians. This is a very good book that will help the reader understand the sufficiency of Christ, and the relationship between justification and sanctification. I recommend every Christian read this book. Here is my review of Jesus + Nothing = Everything: Pastor Tullian blogs at

#7-  The Deep Things of God: How the Trinity Changes EverythingTop Books for 2011 4 (Crossway, 2011) by Dr. Fred Sanders. In this book Dr. Sanders explores how the Trinity should be the central concern of evangelical theology by demonstrating with passion, and conviction how the Trinity is grounded in the Gospel itself. This book will help the reader to understand how a robust doctrine of the Trinity has massive implications for their lives in the area of prayer, worship, Bible study, missions and fundamental Christian doctrine. I recommend this book for Pastors, Professors, Bible college, seminary students and those interested in theology. Here is my review of The Deep Things of God Dr. Fred Sanders blogs at:

#6-  God’s Glory In Salvation Through JudgmentTop Books for 2011 5 (Crossway, 2011) by Dr. Jim Hamilton. This is an important contribution to the field of biblical theology that seeks to demonstrate how Exodus 34 unites the metanarrative of Scripture under one theme God’s glory in salvation through judgment. I recommend this book for Pastors, Professors, Bible College, seminary students and those interested in biblical theology. Here is my review of God’s Glory in Salvation Through Judgment Dr. Hamilton blogs at:

#5- Awaiting a Savior (Cruciform Press, 2011) by Aaron Armstrong is a very important book on a topic that frankly needs to be taught on more. In this book Aaron explains how poverty at root is a sin issue. As he explains the nature of sin, he also applies the Gospel to the issue of poverty. This is a book I strongly recommend you read especially if you minister to the down and out, and homeless. Here is my review of Awaiting a Savior Aaron contributes here at Servants of Grace, at The Gospel Coalition blog, and daily at

#4- Tempted and TriedTop Books for 2011 6 (Crossway, 2011) by Dr. Russell Moore. In this book Dr. Moore uses his considerable knowledge of theology, popular culture and the Bible and writes in my opinion a classic on the temptation of Christ. This book will help you understand and overcome temptation. Not only does Dr. Moore provide a good treatment on temptation, but he encourages Christians to understand temptation in terms of warfare through encouraging them with the truth that victory has already been secured through the triumph of Christ. I recommend this book for every Christian. Here is my review of Tempted and Tried Dr. Moore blogs at:

#3-  Did Adam and Eve Really Exist?: Who They Were and Why You Should Care  (Crossway, 2011) by Dr. C. John Collins is one of the most important books of the year on an issue that touches at the heart of the authority of the Bible, and the Gospel. I recommend every Christian to get a copy of this book as it will be a good introduction for you on an issue that is affecting the Church. Here is my review of Did Adam and Eve Really Exist?

#2- Practicing Affirmation (Crossway, 2011) Top Books for 2011 7by Pastor Sam Crabtree is another very good book written with a warm pastoral tone. Pastor Crabtree in this book shows how to engage in robust “God-centered affirmation. In my opinion this is one of the most important books I’ve read in awhile and one that I’ve recommended to many others. I recommend every Christian read this and learn how to encourage and affirm others. Here is my review of Practicing Affirmation Pastor Crabtree blogs at:

#1- Note to Self The Discipline of Preaching To YourselfTop Books for 2011 8 (Crossway, 2011)  is written by Pastor Joe Thorn. Note to Self is one of the most important books published this year and perhaps in the last several years in my opinion. I say this because it addresses a topic that is currently undergoing much discussion in the blogosphere. This book will lead that conversation on preaching the Gospel forward in significant ways by causing the discussion to not just be theoretical but now to be aimed primarily on application. Joe Thorn has written the definitive book on “preaching the Gospel to oneself.”  I recommend every believer read this book and learn from Joe on how to preach the Gospel to yourself. Here is my review of Note To Self Pastor Thorn blogs at:

Honorable Mentions:

Licensed to KillTop Books for 2011 9 (Cruciform Press, 2011) by Pastor Brian Hedges is a very helpful book that will help believers to understand how to put sin to death in the power of the Gospel and dependence on the Holy Spirit. I recommend every Christian read this book to understand how to put sin to death and depend on the Holy Spirit. Here is my review of Licensed to Kill Pastor Hedges blogs at

 Gospel WakefulnessTop Books for 2011 10 (Crossway, 2011) by Pastor Jared Wilson will help awaken readers to the power of the Gospel by challenging believers to live out the power of the Gospel with a fervent, genuine zeal. I recommend every Christian read this book to grab hold of the brilliance of the Gospel. A review of Gospel Wakefulness will be coming in the next few weeks. Pastor Wilson blogs at

The Next StoryTop Books for 2011 11 (Zondervan, 2011) by Pastor Tim Challies will help believers’ understand the intersection between faith and technology. I recommend every Christian read this book to understand how to use digital technology from a biblical worldview. Pastor Tim blogs at

What Is the Mission of the Church?Top Books for 2011 12 (Crossway, 2011) by Pastors Greg Gilbert and Kevin DeYoung is a few helpful introductory treatment on an issue currently being discussed in the Body of Christ.  Here is my review of The Mission of the Church Pastor DeYoung blogs at: Pastor Gilbert blogs at

What are the top ten books you read this year? 

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