Tim Chester- The Glory of Grace: An Introduction to the Puritans in Their Own Words

Posted On February 11, 2019

On today’s Equipping You in Grace episode, Dave Jenkins and Tim Chester discuss the importance of the Puritans for the Christian life and ministry, along with his book, The Glory of Grace: An Introduction to the Puritans in Their Own Words (Banner of Truth, 2018).

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • How meditating on Scripture can help Christians address various issues in their lives.
  • Why Christians should read church history.
  • Why Christians should read and study the Puritans.
  • How do the Puritans help Christians grow in their understanding of sanctification.
  • How William Bridges help Christians facing suffering learn to find comfort in their afflictions.
  • How Jeremiah Burroughs teaching on contentment helps Christians learn to let God’s Word shape how they view their lives and their relationship with God.
  • Seeing church history as God’s story in the life of His people.
  • Help for those beginning to read church history and the Puritans.
  • The Puritans view of God and how they applied it to all of life.

About the Guest

Tim Chester is the pastor of Grace Church Boroughbridge in North Yorkshire and a faculty member of Crosslands Training, as well as being the author of over 30 books. He has a PhD in theology and was previously Research and Policy Director for Tearfund UK. He has been an adjunct lecturer in missiology and reformed spirituality.

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