Whole Story of the Bible

In the past three years, we’ve seen a massive increase in books on biblical theology. This is an encouraging trend since it is encouraging people to understand how the Bible is all about Jesus Christ. As J.C. Ryle said, “The key to understanding the Bible is Jesus Christ.” Understanding the central place of Jesus Christ in His Word is crucial to reading and applying the Word of God to our own lives. If we don’t understand that then we’ll read the book as a collection of nice stories and teaching. Yet, the Bible has a focal point and a focal person—namely the person and finished work of Jesus Christ. While books like What is Biblical Theology? by Dr. Jim Hamilton do a good job explaining in an accessible way the strengths and helpfulness of biblical theology, that book is really a distillation of his larger work on redemptive history. What has been needed is a book that looks at the larger whole of the Bible from key biblical texts. Thankfully such a book now exists in The Whole Story Of The Bible In 16 Verses by Dr. Chris Bruno.

The Whole Story begins at creation and goes the way to Glory. In this book, we’re taken on a whirlwind tour through the biblical word from Genesis to Revelation. Along the way, the author covers critical verses that affect our understanding of the biblical story. At the end of each chapter, the author provides a definition of where the biblical storyline has taken us. The book is broken up into two sections. In the first section covers eleven verses and goes from creation to the new creation covering the Old Testament. The book also tackles topics such as the creation, human beings, the Fall, redemption promised, Abraham, Judah the King, the Passover Lamb, King David, the Suffering Servant, resurrection promised, and new creation. In part two, the author looks at the New Testament to consider themes such as fulfillment, the cross, resurrection, justification, and glory.

Presently we’re in something of a renaissance in regards to biblical theology. It isn’t that the world of biblical theology has been doormat but rather that biblical theology is by and large an academic discipline. Thankfully biblical theology is coming more, and more to the Christian layman and laywoman. This is much needed. Every Christian is to delight in the Word of God. They are invited into a world that is different from their own and yet very similar in many respects. Every single one of us has struggles like the biblical writers did. With that said the biblical world is also very different from our own, as it had its own customs and traditions, many of which are very different from our own. What Chris Bruno invites us is to do is to journey with him into the biblical world where we’ll be confronted with the God of the Bible who intervenes into our time and space; even as He dwells outside of time and space. Our God is all-powerful, majesty, and holy, and yet, He loves and cares for man.

Whether you’re never studied biblical theology before or you’ve read a lot on the topic, I encourage you to pick up The Whole Story In 16 Verses. This highly accessible and easy to read book will help you to understand the biblical storyline which points to and finds its fulfillment in Jesus Christ. I highly recommend this book and pray it gains a wide readership in the Body of Christ.

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