The Serpent and the Serpent Slayer is the most recent offering in Crossway’s Short Studies in Biblical Theology series. Andy Naselli takes readers on a short and illuminating tour of Scripture and reveals the main features of God’s plan in redemptive history. In one sentence, Naselli skillfully summarizes the main theme of the book:

The serpent defeated Adam under a tree (“the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” – Gen. 2.17), and the new and greater Adam defeats the serpent on a tree – a cross for executing criminals.”

Like each of the other books in this tour of biblical theology, The Serpent and the Serpent Slayer offers a short and readable treatment in a key theological area. The theological message of the book is clear and precise: “The Lamb will consummate his kingdom for God’s glory by slaying the dragon and saving his bride.” Or in the words of Joe Rigney, “Kill the dragon, get the girl.”

Naselli demonstrates how the central theme of the book relates to the everyday lives of God’s people. He offers six practical ways to live in light of the biblical plotline:

  1. Don’t imitate the poisonous serpent
  2. Beware of the serpent as the deceiving snake and devouring dragon
  3. Fight the serpent as the deceiving snake and devouring dragon
  4. Exult in the serpent slayer
  5. Enjoy good serpent-stories as echoes of the greatest story
  6. Trust the serpent slayer

In the end, The Serpent and the Serpent Slayer is an uplifting book that will help and encourage the people of God. It, along with the other works in the Short Studies in Biblical Theology, is highly recommended.