When I attended government schools, we said the pledge of allegiance, which was about the only time I heard about God in school—“one nation, under God.” I did hear the name “Jesus Christ” once, but only when the gym coach stubbed his toe. Teachers weren’t allowed to talk about religion other than describing what the different religions taught. They certainly couldn’t express their own views, especially if they were Christian! As a result, many Christian teachers have been fired.

The government and various atheistic and agnostic organizations would like you to believe that non-religion in school is true neutrality. That is a lie. Nobody is neutral, especially the government (or, for that matter, atheists!).

The true reality is that when the ACLU—or any other organization, politician, or school board bully—tries to make education “non-religious,” they are not simply creating an atmosphere of neutrality, but one that is anti-Christian.

This is evident (in the least) in the way school officials assert the false dichotomy between religion and science. In fact, most big bookstores I’ve been to recently—one rhyming with Hooks-A-Billion—even have “religion” and “science” on opposing shelves staring at each other as if they were about to play chicken! Evolving from primordial goo and matter exploding from non-matter, I guess, is “scientific.” Now, if only these events didn’t take actual faith and could be observed…but I digress.

Government education isn’t neutral; it’s anti-Christian.

The moral code of government education boils down to one great irony: what I see as the “tolerant-zero tolerance” policy. It is tolerant if you agree with them in their anti-creation, anti-Bible, and anti-freedom agenda. It is intolerant toward Christian beliefs and biblical ethics. Any whiff of Jesus—paintings, testimonies, speeches, or required reading—and the zero-tolerance police lead you out to the woodshed. Though, in the case of the Ohio school incident last month, it was a portrait of Jesus that was taken to the woodshed.

To our great astonishment, in an effort to make government education uniform, they have made it uniformly low. In case you haven’t noticed, high expectations are a thing of the past, along with boys becoming men and girls becoming women. But, of course, failing grades and poor learning isn’t the teachers’, administrators’, or unions’ fault.

The problem—as government educators have come to insist—is that there’s something wrong, some “disorder,” with the children (or maybe their parents). The solution? Medication. If we medicate the boys and girls, they will at least be compliant enough to listen to the evolutionary, survival-of-the-fittest, babble. They might even (if the government is successful enough) get these same boys and girls to denounce the faith of their parents. After all—as the recent MSNBC viral video suggested—children don’t belong to their parents anyway, but to the collective State.

At some point, let’s pray, the 90% of Christian families currently being educated by our “tolerant” public schools will wake up to the reality that non-religion isn’t neutral; it’s anti-Christian. The idyllic “salt and light” witness by Christian teachers is either hid under a bushel or blown out. At best they can try to love people. If only gospel witness didn’t require hearing the word of Christ (Rom. 10:17).

The Scriptures teach that we are to take every thought captive (2 Cor. 10:5), love God with all of our mind (Luke 10:27), and bring our children up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord (Eph. 6:4). But how shall we teach God’s Word diligently to our children (Deut. 6:7) so that they might meditate on it day and night (Ps. 1:2) and be thoroughly acquainted with the sacred writings (2 Tim. 3:15)?

Will our neutral government schools do this? I’ll let you answer that question.

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