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The Key to Making Difficult Decisions

by | Dec 6, 2021 | Cultivating God's Wisdom in the Daily Grind of Life, Featured

Maybe you’re not like me. Maybe you just breeze through life, accustomed to making the perfect choice whenever faced with difficult decisions. Maybe you’ve never encountered a difficult decision in your life!

But something tells me that’s not you, either. Let’s face it. Sometimes life throws decisions in our path that leave us scratching our heads.

Maybe we lie awake at night and work through each option, hoping to find clarity in the quiet darkness. Maybe we make a list weighing the pros and cons of a given situation. Maybe we talk things over with our friends over coffee. Maybe we throw it wide open on Facebook and wait till one of the responses strikes a chord with us. Maybe we flip a coin or say, “Eenie, meanie, miny, mo.”

Yes, these are all options. They’re not all good options, but they’re options.

It’s commendable to thoughtfully, considerately, and thoroughly approach a difficult decision. But where does God fit into the picture? Didn’t the situation cause the difficult decision to come by His hand, after all?

He gives us the answer. The apostle Peter wrote in 2 Peter 1:3, “His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him who called us to his own glory and excellence.”

Oh, so that means that the Bible will say if you’re supposed to take that new job in another state or stay where you are? Will it tell you if you’re ready to adopt two more kids or not? Will it declare the perfect place for your aging mom? Will it provide just the right answer to the financial burdens you bear?

Short answer. No.

Longer answer. BUT GOD, in His wondrous Word, gives us principles upon which to draw upon. The better we understand the principles, the better we will be able to make the difficult decisions presented to us.

For example, let’s take this issue: Do you take the job in another state or stay put? The new job has better benefits, a higher salary with quarterly bonuses and your own corner office! You’ll be a bigger cheese there. You can afford a bigger house, live closer to a beach, and send the kids to private schools. But you love the job you already have here. Your kids have good schools and lots of friends. You’re active members of a sound, grace-filled church. You have friends and family nearby. So how can you choose? How do you know if God is calling you to leave for a better opportunity or if He is affirming you to live where you are?

No, the Scriptures won’t say, “Fred, take the new job. You’d be a fool not to.”  But Scripture does provide principles you must consider in weighing both opportunities. Will your new job take you away from your family? More money but less time at home? Is there a good, sound church nearby where you and your family can continue to grow and mature in God’s Word? Will moving traumatize your teen who has dreamed of graduating from school with all her friends? Is your wife on board with picking up and moving elsewhere? What are her concerns?

Does God’s Word provide the answer? Yes. It gives you the principles you must consider. A biblical principle is attached to every question in the above paragraph.

Men, being a spiritual leader of your household is the most important position you have. It is a sacrificial position, just as Christ sacrificed Himself for the Church He loves. Sometimes being a good leader means saying no to your own ambitions to provide a better life to those who depend on you. And having more money does not necessarily equate to a better life. What do you do? You do what’s best for your family, not necessarily what’s best for your career path.

Principles. They mean something. They’re not mere suggestions. They’re a lifeline God gives us to help us live an honorable, pleasing life for Him.

Do you want to know how to make difficult decisions? Then become familiar with His Word.

Proverbs reveals much about wisdom. For example, Proverbs 3:5-8 says, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Be not wise in your own eyes: fear the LORD, and turn away from evil. It will be healing to your flesh and refreshment to your bones.”

Are you seeking the Lord’s wisdom in your decision? Have you asked for His guidance through prayer? Are you willing to do what will best enable you to continue to serve and acknowledge Him? What an excellent principle!

Here’s another one: Ephesians 5:25, 28, 33 says, “Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her . . . In the same way husbands should love their wives as their own bodies . . . However, let each one of you love his wife as himself.” A good leader explores his wife’s opinions and suggestions before making difficult decisions. And here’s one for the wife once you’ve made your considered choice. “And let the wife see that she respects her husband.”

See? Principles are vitally important.

I know we’ve just addressed the tip of the iceberg here. And we haven’t explored every difficult decision that could arise. But the same truth applies to them all.

God’s principles are marvelous. They’re His gift to us. They’re vital to how we live, to the kinds of decisions we make, and to the way we honor the Savior who died to set us free from condemnation. His principles are found on nearly every page of the Bible.

His Word is sufficient because He is sufficient. Do you want to choose wisely? Become increasingly familiar with the marvelous love letter God wrote to His people in the Word of God. Then, He’ll make your paths straight. Know Him better and trust His principles in His Word.

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