Yes, that’s right, you read the title correctly, folks! I finagled both Patrick Studabaker AND Kristin Everett onto the show at the same time for an epic duel of wit. Just kidding, well there’s a great deal of wit, but just not a dueling, more of an iron sharpening iron, as we delve into the importance of church. In part one of this two part series we focus on leaving the church Biblically, as well as dealing with church hurt. There may also be a good deal of derailing…mostly by Patrick. Certainly not by your squirrely host! Below is a list of links for things mentioned in today’s episode as well as links to both Kristin and Patricks social medias for further information and contact with the pair.Links from the show:Links for Patrick & his podcast: For more information about Cave to the Cross Apologetics: Subscribe on the following: Patreon – YouTube – iTunes – Stitcher – Google Play – TuneIn & Amazon Echo Alexa – IHeartRadio – Spotify – Odysee (YouTube Alternative) – can find Kristin on TikTok sharing the Gospel and the truth about Gods Word here:​If you’d like more information about Tulips & Honey check out my website: 5Solas.Online My blog over at: https://biblicalbeginningsblog.wordpr… My store:… or my Patreon here:​ For questions, comments, recommendations, prayer requests, you can contact me on social media or via my email
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