Today Lauren was honored to have Michael Coughlin join her on the program to discuss the Abolitionist Movement. He shared his testimony, as well as giving advice for those hoping to join the fight against the murder of unborn children. Below is a timestamped outline of the episode, we hope this will be edifying and encouraging.

The Abolition Movement

Introduction to Michael Coughlin, a writer for Things Above Us, and a podcaster on BTWN. His show is called Be A Berean, link to the blog and the podcast below:

More info for Michael Coughlin:

00:01:50 – Michaels Testimony

00:08:50 – Does Catholicism lend itself to mysticism beliefs?

00:14:00 – Why are the Abortion mills still open, even during a pandemic?

00:16:30 – What is the difference between Abolitionists and Pro-Life?

00:21:45 – Why are Pro-Life folks opposing the Abolition bills?

00:30:00 – Going to the abortion mill during the pandemic.

00:36:10 – What advice do you have for folks going out to preach in public or at the abortion mill?

1. Using signs

2. Do not appeal to the flesh

00:47:30 – Can you please share the Gospel?

00:57:00 – What’s coming up on your podcast?

01:05:20 – What is the craziest thing that has happened to you while preaching at the mill?

01:07:20 – How can we be praying for you?

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