Everyone is searching for meaning and purpose in life. People pursue pleasure through sports, entertainment, and other activities. Everyone is seeking to live in a story greater than themselves. Only God has a story big enough in the Gospel to save and govern our lives. The greatest news we can hear is that God has a very real purpose for everything we do in life. In The Story of Everything, Jared C Wilson explores the redemptive story that God is telling throughout His world, in order to help us to play our part in His ultimate plan to make all things new.

In his book, Jared looks at the plan of God in history, creation, nations, art, science, work, evil, pain, fun, romance, marriage, sex, and our bodies. As he looks at every part of our lives, he points us to God and to the work of the Son who invites to participate as His people into the old, old story of His sovereign grace. He explains, “Grace is the secret of the universe. And the reason grace is the secret of the universe is because it brings to creation the very thing that creation has been craving since everything went haywire” (21). He continues explaining, “Grace is God’s modus operandi in the world. Not everybody gets all the grace God has to give, but everybody who wants it does, and everybody else gets some grace just for being a human creature trying to get by in the world” (21).

Wherever we are at in terms of our career or life circumstances, the Gospel speaks to all of us who struggle to realize where our identity is as God’s people is now in Christ. The Story of Everything is the story of our lives under God’s sovereign gaze and grace. As Kuyper once said there is not one square inch in which Christ doesn’t own everything. This book proclaims that truth and will helps readers to understand the jewel of God’s sovereignty.

In this book, the author weaves in personal illustrations, biblical teaching, and history, along with practical guidance to help readers understand how the Gospel should govern our lives. Whether you are a new or seasoned Christian, The Story of Everything is a book that will help you understand that every area of your life matters to God.

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