As many of you most likely know, my family and I have come down with the Corona Virus. We’re all feeling much better, however recording last week was impossible. Brooke Bartz, founder of the Open Hearts in a Closed World  conference, has given me permission to post the main speakers from this year. I hope this will be a blessing to you all, and I’d love to encourage you to watch the full thing over on Youtube. Also, if you enjoyed this years conference and would like to help offset the cost for next year there is a donation feature available here.

This is the third day of this free women’s conference and it begins with worship led by CityALight. After worship there is a 15 minute intermission before today’s main speaker, Penny Amack, will begin her message entitled “Serving God from & in the Home.” She’ll be followed by today’s BreakOut Session with Jess from GenuinelyGinger who will be teaching about “Bullet Journaling”. For more information about CityALight you can check out their website here: For more information about Jess from GenuinelyGinger, follow her on Social Media here:… Shop her designs at her website here: And the free printout she created for all you wonderful Open Hearted Gals: https://a7777014-fcd1-49c5-b95c-97a43… To connect with Brooke and other Open Heart gals you can check out the Facebook group here:… Or the website: Or order her book here:… You can find the Tulips & Honey Podcast on all major podcasting platforms and YouTube here:…

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