Today marks the eleven year anniversary to the day I started Servantsofgrace Ministries. Servantsofgrace was started shortly after I graduated high school, and just before I began college on August 2nd, 2000. Today, I decided that I would do a little reflecting on how the Lord has used this ministry and also say thank you to all who have been a part of Servantsofgrace Ministries.

I want to say thank you to my readers who read the blogs, and also to those who listen or watch the sermons. It is because of you that this ministry has continued by the grace of God to continue to put forth content that honors God and His Word. When I first started Servantsofgrace I was a nineteen year old teenager and freshly out of high school and just about to enter college. I am now a thirty year old man with a wife and finishing my Masters of Divinity in Professional Ministries at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary via distance education.

As I’ve reflected these past few days on how far the Lord has brought not only me in my spiritual growth but also the ministry I was struck afresh by the grace of God. In the early years of this ministry I was very immature and made a lot of mistakes and did not handle things as well as I should have. Many of you were around then and have stuck by this ministry through that time in my life. I want to say thank you for not giving up on me and for continuing to pray for me. Your prayers have meant a great deal to me personally.

As I continued to reflect on the last eleven years I was also reminded of how the Lord has used Servantsofgrace in my own life to keep me on the straight and narrow and growing in the grace of God. The Lord has used this ministry in my own life through studying His Word to change my life. The Lord has also used this ministry as the means by which He gave me my wonderful wife Sarah. Sarah and I met on myspace through one of my sermons. After listening to a sermon she contacted me, and shortly thereafter we were engaged and then later in that year married. We’ve now been together four and a half years as a married couple and five and a half years as a couple.

Over the years I’ve been privileged to be able to work with some great saints through this ministry. I’ve been afforded the opportunity by the grace of God to be used in amazing ways. Just last night while my wife and I were out to dinner, I was reminded that it wasn’t about my ministry experience or academic training, but about being humble and being open to the leading of the Holy Spirit as I was able to pray for our waiter who was having a really bad day and stressed out about life. After praying the waiter seemed to have joy and a smile on their face. This experience reminded me of why I started Servantsofgrace in the first place to make Jesus known to the nations.

As I conclude today, I want to once again thank you the readers and visitors of this website.  Without you this ministry would cease to exist. The prayers of those who visit this website and are a part of this ministry mean a great deal to my wife and I. Lord willing, we plan on continuing this work until the day we go be with Jesus. Until that Day though, I want to thank Jesus for the privilege of calling me to be His servant of grace so that His grace might be known and declared to the nations. I also want to thank my wife who lovingly prays for me and listens to me ramble on and on about the Bible.

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