I rarely ever post a personal update about myself and my wife, but today I’m happy to break that trend as I have three very big announcements that I’d like to share with you the readers of Servants of Grace. I’ll start first with my wife’s and then share mine.

For the last four years my wife has been working for Hewlett-Packard as a subcontractor for NASA (yes the NASA) as a Tier 2 Help Desk Agent. She’s helped edit the knowledge management system for NASA and also write articles for that same system. She’s also helped customers with their computer related issues. I’m excited to publically announce that she accepted a job in late January 2017 and started then as a Field Services Que Manager.

I’m also excited to announce that I very recently was accepted at the Masters University into their Masters of Arts in the Biblical Counseling program.

Both of these exciting new opportunities for my wife and I necessitate a move. My wife will be working at the Armstrong Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force base. I’ll be attending the Masters University starting in late August on campus. We’ll be selling our house here in the next few months and moving hopefully no later Lord-willing than August to the Palmdale, California area.

Regarding Servants of Grace, Theology for Life, and the podcast Equipping You in Grace nothing will change. We will continue to bring you great articles, regular reviews, hopefully, continued good author interviews and discussion on our podcast. Also, we will continue to quarterly explore relevant and helpful topics from a biblical/theological perspective to help you grow in your understanding of God and His Word at Theology for Life Magazine.

My wife and I very much appreciate your prayers and support as we move from the Greater Boise, Idaho area to the Palmdale, California area. It is going to be a very hard to move as we are deeply involved and have a lot of friendships at our local church. Also, my wife is originally from here, so she has lots of family who live here.

Over the past three years, we both have been praying a lot about where the Lord would send us for the next season of life and ministry. During this process, I have had some ministry opportunities outside of Idaho that for one reason or another haven’t worked out. In the Lord’s sovereign timing, it has become clear to those closest to us here at our local church that these opportunities I’ve shared with you today and this place are where the Lord is sending us for our next season of life and ministry.

We both are encouraged and humbled by your continued support of Servants of Grace and Theology for Life. We also deeply appreciate your continued support as we seek to serve the Lord faithfully while we are here and when we move to the greater Palmdale, California area.

On behalf of both my wife and I and the leadership team of Servants of Grace, please allow me to thank you our readers sincerely for your continued sharing of the content posted on Servants of Grace across your social media platforms. My wife and I and the leadership team of Servants of Grace are very encouraged by what the Lord is doing through this ministry and look forward to continuing to serve you through the various mediums and ministries the Lord has given to us.

In Christ Alone,

Dave Jenkins

Executive Director, Servants of Grace Ministries

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