I had the absolute joy of talking with Allie Beth Stuckey from Relatable, discussing her new book You’re Not Enough and That’s Okay.

I was so nervous/excited to talk with Allie that I didn’t do a very good introduction.

Allie was so gracious, very fun to talk with, and even though she had a lot going on she gave me even more time than her publishers had promised so I hope our conversation will be a blessing to you all. Below I’ve included a timestamped outline as well as links to more information about Allie and her new book.

TS 00:02:10 – Allie shares her testimony

TS 00:04:30 – How Allie became Reformed

TS 00:08:00 – How did you decide to bring your Reformed faith into your podcast?

TS 00:15:00 – We start talking about the book

TS 00:16:30 – What was the purpose of this book?

TS 00:22:30 – How is this affecting women?

TS 00:30:00 – What is the best way to address women stuck in the self-love movement?

TS 00:37:00 – Do you have any future projects?

TS 00:39:45 – Have you ever tried Roasted Grasshopper’s, if not would you?

Get more info about Allie at her website here: https://alliebethstuckey.com

Her book here: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/608241/youre-not-enough-and-thats-okay-by-allie-beth-stuckey/

Her YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx_2Vso6Qz76n-w5KV8DZcA

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