On today’s Equipping You in Grace show, Dave Jenkins and Dr. Robert D. Jones have a wide-ranging conversation on righteous and unrighteous anger and how it affects our walk with God and relationship with others, along with his book, Anger: Calming Your Heart (P&R, 2019)

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • The four assurance people need to deal with their anger.
  • Paul’s principle of putting off the flesh and putting on Christ and how this principle helps Christians who struggle with anger.
  • Why it’s so crucial for people to understand the righteous wrath of God before Christians talk with others about righteous and unrighteous anger.
  • What righteous anger is and how we can know if we have righteous or unrighteous anger in our lives.
  • How prayer helps address our issues with anger.
  • Some strategies to use for those who struggle with sinful anger when they feel it is coming on.
  • What it looks like to overlook sin, including when to do this and how to do it well.
  • How Christians who struggle with sinful anger can learn to be patient and gracious with others.
  • Some principles pastors and biblical counselors can use when counseling those who struggle with sinful anger.
  • How biblical lament helps Christians address anger in their lives.
  • Advice for Christian parents struggling to deal with their angry child.

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