If you enjoy good biography as much as I do, you will probably appreciate reading Bryan A. Follis’s Truth with Love: The Apologetics of Francis Schaeffer. This book is an excellent summary of the life and teaching of the highly influential apologist and founder of L’Abri. In addition to mastering Francis Schaeffer’s literature, Bryan Follis increased authority to his book by interviewing those who knew Schaeffer well.

At less than two hundred pages long, this gem is a must-have for pastors, students of apologetics, those who want to reach others for Christ, and believers looking for encouragement. Here are three reasons you should consider adding Truth with Love to your library:

First, Truth with Love will delight those who love church history and apologetics. Not only will you learn about the man Francis Schaeffer, but you will understand the cultural milieu of his times. Follis traces Calvin’s influence and the Reformed tradition in the ministry of Schaeffer through the theological and apologetic sway of men such as Kuyper, Edwards, Warfield, and Van Til.

Second, the book is a faithful representation of Francis Schaeffer, the man, his thought, ministry, and legacy. Follis offers an accurate and balanced approach to one of the most essential apologists of the twentieth century. His sketch of Schaeffer’s life is met with helpful summaries of familiar “Schaefferisms” such as “particulars without meaning,” “the line of despair,” and “taking the roof off.” The overall effect of this approach helps the reader grasp why Schaeffer was so fruitful in his ministry.

Third, the book is practical and inspirational. Christians need inspiring stories of powerful witnesses to the Christian faith. Imminent apologist Francis Schaeffer modeled a unique blend of reason and relationship that was winsome in his day. The title of Follis’s book perfectly summarizes the main point: like Schaeffer, our gospel presentation should be filled with both truth and love.

Follis shows us how to apply Schaeffer’s principles in our time. In his book Truth with Love: The Apologetics of Francis Schaffer, author Bryan A. Follis shows his readers what Francis Schaeffer believed and how he lived. It is a transformational book that can bless you in your walk with the Lord.

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