Posted On September 28, 2010

Review of a A Praying Life

by | Sep 28, 2010 | Christian Living

A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World is written by Paul E. Miller. Mr. Miller is the director of, an organization that develops interactive Bible studies for small groups. He travels widely, teaching on the person and work of Jesus, and prayer.  It is not often that I read a book on prayer, but this is one I’ve kept my eye on for some time, and even read several reviews on it. Multiple times I’ve nearly bought this book at the bookstore, but I already had so many books to read. This book is highly recommended by several authors that I have read before.

One of the most surprising parts of this book was his teaching on becoming like a child when we pray. Mr. Miller blows the dust off our prayers lives and guides us biblically, theologically, and practically through the discipline of prayer. As one who is engaged in prayer and intercession on a daily basis even I found this book to be refreshing. Often times our prayer lives can become routine, complicated and cluttered. Mr. Miller helps us get to the heart of what prayer is.

If you haven’t picked up a book on prayer in awhile or even if you have, I recommend you get this book. It is biblical, and it is practical. This book is broken into five parts. I found the last part of the book part five: praying in real life to be the most helpful- especially part 5 chapter 30 on prayer journaling: become aware of the interior journey. As one who reflects on the events of the day and previous events I personally have found journaling to be an excellent way to record my thoughts. I encourage you to pick up this book whether you are a new believer learning about prayer or a seasoned prayer warrior- you will benefit from Mr. Miller’s teaching.

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