On today’s Equipping You in Grace show, Dave talks with David Fiorazo about the importance of the biblical worldview, and how Christians should respond to attacks on the image of God in and out of the Church with the Word of God, along with his book, Assault on the Image of God: Understanding and Responding to Attacks on the Bible, Human Life, and the Church.

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • Why are our culture is making disciples headed by Satan.
  • The reality of the Christian’s warfare and speaking up for the glory of God.
  • Why the Church should care about attacks on the image of God.
  • Why a biblical worldview is important for Christians.
  • How should Christians respond to attacks on the inerrancy of Scripture.
  • How Christians should respond to the increasing attacks on our faith and our churches.
  • How Christians should respond to attacks on children, family, marriage, and life.
  • How Christians should respond to attacks on free speech.
  • How Christians should respond to the growing challenge of transgenderism.
  • Advice and help for Christian teachers.

About Guest

David Fiorazo is an author, ordained pastor, media contributor at Harbingers Daily, and host of Worldview Matters. He has worked in the broadcasting industry for 30 years and in Christian ministry for over 25 years. While living in Los Angeles, he acted in television shows, commercials, and was also very involved in the Christian community. He currently lives in Wisconsin with his wife, Rosanna. Because of his love for the Lord, for old-school journalism, and extensive knowledge of ongoing efforts to erase Christianity from American culture, David was compelled to get out of his comfort zone and take action by writing, speaking, encouraging & challenging believers. He suggests America is at a ‘Bonhoeffer moment’ and we must not be silent in the face of evil! “I wasted too many years on selfish pursuits and lukewarm Christianity. I’ve recommitted myself to live as fully as possible for Christ. The Church is in desperate need of restoration and revival. We cannot remain neutral any longer! I am passionate about truth, the gospel, religious freedom, and am convinced America would be much better off if we all lived what we profess to believe. No more conforming to this world. Let’s rally the remnant of true believers and live counter-culture for Christ.”

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