On today’s Equipping You in Grace show, Dave talks with Micah Caswell about reading and studying the book of Micah, why expository preaching rests on the authority of Scripture, and his commentary, The Gospel According to Micah: A Christocentric Commentary (WestBow Press, 2022).

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • Why the book of Micah matters.
  • How did Jesus and the Apostles handle the Old Testament Minor Prophets.
  • Advise for reading and studying the Minor Prophets.
  • How Pastors and Bible teachers should preach Jesus from the book of Micah.
  • Why expository preaching rests on the authority of Scripture.
  • What historical and theological issues should people be aware of as Christians read and study the Minor Prophets.
  • The main message and goal of Micah.
  • Application points from Micah that are particular relevant to Christians in our day.

About Our Guest

Micah is married to Kristen and they have two children. He grew up in Denton, Texas and graduated from the University of North Texas. He also holds degrees from Dallas Seminary, Southwestern Baptist Seminary, and Toronto Baptist Seminary. Micah’s doctorate is from Southern Baptist Seminary. He has pastored at churches in Austin and Houston. Micah is currently the pastor of Redeemer Church of Denton which he planted in 2013.

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