Down through the centuries, God has been pleased to raise up a long line of godly men who were ‘pillars of truth’ in their day. These men were identified as the “reformers” of their day in succeeding generations, calling men and women back to the Bible. Like the people in Nehemiah 8:1, they long to let the Bible loose and roar! As one scans the landscape of Church history, we find very quickly that most of these men were gripped by the truths of sovereign grace and emboldened to further the cause of Christ on the earth. Bishop J. C. Ryle identifies these men in the following manner:

“God stirred up and brought out [men] to do his work, without previous concert, scheme, or plan. They did his work in the old apostolic way by becoming the evangelists of their day. They taught one set of truths. They taught them in the same way, with fire, reality, earnestness, as men fully convinced of what they taught. They taught them in the same spirit, always loving, compassionate, and, like Paul, even weeping, but always bold, unflinching, and not fearing the face of man. And they taught them on the same plan, always acting on the aggressive; not waiting for sinners to come to them, but going after, and seeking sinners; not sitting idle till sinners offered to repent, but assaulting the high places of ungodliness like men storming a breach, and giving sinners to rest so long as they stuck to their sins.[1]

In the twentieth century, God raised up a man, R. C. Sproul (1939–2017). For some, this name will not ‘ring-a-bell.’ For others, when you hear the name “Sproul,” or “R. C.,” you will thank God with joy for the life and ministry of this great man of God. Sproul will go down in history as the “Reformer” of the 20th and 21st centuries.

It is with great delight that I have finished reading Stephen J. Nichols’ biography, R. C. Sproul: A Life, published by Crossway. This is the first biography of Dr. Sproul, and it is a timeless treasure. In roughly 306 pages and 11 chapters, Dr. Nichols walks us through the life and ministry of R. C. Sproul. Nichols, one of Sproul’s successors, does a fantastic job at bringing the reader into the story of God’s grace through His servant R. C. Sproul. As you work through each page, it is as if you are listening to Sproul himself, sitting at the fire next to him and hearing his own story. For those who have listened to Sproul, Nichols does a fantastic job capturing Sproul’s raspy and roaring voice as the biography unfolds. It is gripping, moving, and powerful.

If you have not read this book yet, I urge you to get a copy. Are you familiar with R. C. Sproul? Pick up a copy. You will be reminded again that the Lord uses weak and frail vessels to display His magnificent glory. God used R. C. to do just that. As you read through each page, you will be left longing for the Lord to continue the work that He has begun in you. If you are not familiar with R. C. Sproul, well, this book is for you too! The Lord may very well use this book in your life to introduce you to the Reformed faith. Through the ministry of Dr. Sproul, I first came across Reformed Theology, and I thank God for that! It was through Sproul’s book, The Holiness of God, that my life was forever changed.

Get your copy today!

[1] J. C. Ryle, Christian Leaders of the 18th Century (1886; repr., Edinburgh, Banner of Truth, 2002), 22-23.

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