Americans understand the idea of revolution. It is a part of our collective DNA. However, many Americans stop short when spiritual revolution comes into view. Albert Mohler argues in his latest book that such a revolution will come when we pray the Lord’s Prayer: “This short prayer turns the world upside down. Principalities and powers hear their fall. Dictators are told their time is up. Might will indeed be made right, and truth and justice will prevail. The kingdoms of this world will all pass, giving way to the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ.”

The Prayer That Turns the World Upside Down presents the Lord’s Prayer systematically and thoughtfully that encourages, challenges, and even provokes readers. “Praying,” writes Mohler, “forces us to articulate our doctrines, convictions, and theological assumptions. These aspects of our Christian life come to a unique focus in prayer because when we speak to God we are explicitly revealing who we believe he is, who we believe we are, what his disposition is toward us, and why he has that disposition.” So in some respects, prayer is the great leveler. It uncovers what is truly important to us.

Dr. Mohler carefully unpacks each line of the Lord’s Prayer, explaining the intent of the prayer and calling believers to pray obediently and with God-centered resolve. The author reemphasizes, “Every word we utter in prayer, every idea, and concept that we form as we pray, and every emotion that flows out of our heart is a reflection of what we believe about God and about the gospel of Christ.”

The Prayer That Turns the World Upside Down is another gem from the pen of Albert Mohler. It is a short read that packs a punch. Readers will enjoy Mohler’s witty writing style. But more importantly, they will be educated and encouraged to learn the essence of the Lord’s Prayer in clear and unambiguous language. Pride is confronted, and individualism is toppled in this little book. Indeed, as the author writes, “Man’s pride has no place before the throne of God.” And God is exalted as the coming of his kingdom is explored, forgiveness extended, and the people of God are delivered from the powers of an ungodly age.

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