Whenever a friend purchases a Kindle or e-reader, I always make an important recommendation – Pick up The Crucial Questions Series by R.C. Sproul. Ligonier Ministries has graciously made this 25 book series available, free for the asking. Subjects explore basic matters of the Christian life and provide encouragement for Christians at different stages of maturity.

The most recent offering, Are People Basically Good? helps readers wrestle with a vital question. Most people in post-modern culture affirm that people are in fact, basically good. Indeed, this is the premise of secular psychology. Such a premise is flawed from the start, as it ignores the biblical doctrine of original sin.

Dr. Sproul answers the proposed question with Bible-saturated wisdom and guides his readers through this thorny matter that not only addresses original sin; he also presents broader anthropological matters such as the image of God and the constitution of man.

The concluding three chapters go to the heart of the matter as the author explains the reality of sin, the depth of sin, and the extent of our sin. Readers will learn about the clash between Pelagius and Augustine and will see how this debate has shaped the thoughts of many, both for good and evil.

Are People Basically Good is introductory material. It is not meant to be a comprehensive treatment of original sin or the Pelagian/Augustinian controversy. But make no mistake – this is a solid offering, one that is worthy of careful study, especially for new Christians.

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