The gals are joined today by Pastor Edward Ramirez and his wife Sandi to discuss Christian dating, singles groups within the church, and marriage. Should Christians date, are singles groups helping, and how to we approach marriage? These are just a few of the topics they address in this episode. There’s also a very exciting announcement at the beginning of the episode that we’re all eager to share! If you’d like to hear more from Pastor Ramirez you can subscribe to his Youtube channel here:…nel/UCtZKR1VusrkHJLh1Uem3tyg  Becca and Lauren have a few questions for their Humblebees…Becca – Star Wars or Star Trek?Lauren – If you’re married, what was something that was pleasantly surprising about your spouse in the first year of marriage?If you want to learn more about Tulips & Honey Hub, you can check out their website: https://www.5solas.onlineTheir blog: biblicalbeginnings.wordpress.comIf you’d like to support Tulips & Honey you can do so by visiting their shop:’t forget to follow your favorite podcasters over on social media and YouTube, where you can watch them in all their silliness:Instagram:Lauren – @t.and.h.hubBecca – @Tulips.and.Honey.PodcastTwitter:Lauren – – – –
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