9781433539527J.I. Packer has arguably been one of the greatest theologians of the late 20th and early 21st century. His influence is felt from debates raging from the inerrancy of Scripture, to sanctification, and more. Over the past few years, I’ve read more of Packer books than I have at any point in my life. His biblical-theological, and practical theology continues to strengthen my faith. This is why when I saw the new title Packer on the Christian Life by Dr. Sam Storms in the Theologians on the Christian Life series I knew, I would greatly enjoy it.

In chapter one, Storm looks at the life of Packer, his influences, and his studies in Puritanism. The rest of the book consider Packer’s views on the atonement, the Bible, holiness, the means of sanctification, indwelling sin, the Holy Spirit, prayer, discerning the will of God, suffering, and more. The book has two appendixes the first of which helps the reader understand the man of Romans 7 as a Christian, and the final appendix explores a brief selected biography of the writings of J.I. Packer.

As I mentioned earlier Packer’s influence is felt across a great deal of evangelicalism. For me, personally his work on the inerrancy of Scripture, holiness, and sanctification has been particularly helpful. We live in a day where the authority of Scripture is under attack on a number of fronts and where many Christians have an underdeveloped view of holiness, and sanctification. This is why we need theologians like Packer to help us understand what theological words mean and how our theology intersects with daily life.

Perhaps you’ve never read a Packer book before. Reading this book will introduce you to Packer’s life and his view on a variety of theological subjects. What stands out to me about Dr. Packer is his theology is firmly grounded in the text, is practically helpful, and thoroughly drenched in the gospel. Packer’s theology will stand the test of time because it stands firmly rooted in Scripture and in the best of the Reformed, and Puritan theological tradition.

Whether you’ve never read Packer or you’re a longtime fan of Dr. Packer, I highly recommend Packer on the Christian Life by Sam Storms. This book will help you to understand the life of J.I. Packer, his influences, how the Lord has worked in and through his life, along with his theology. I encourage you to go pick up this book and learn about Packer’s legacy and his insights into prayer, Bible, study, the sovereignty of God, the Christian’s fight against sin, and more. This excellent book will help you to learn from one of the greatest theologians of our times on why theology is not just for the ivory tower but for every Christian living under the gaze of our sovereign God.

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