In this issue of Theology for Life Magazine, we’ve been considering the subject of the image of God. We understand that we haven’t covered everything on this topic, but it is our prayer that, hopefully, readers of this issue will grow in their understanding of it so they can stand fast on the Word of God.

If you’ve found this issue helpful and would like to study this subject further, please check out the following reading list. These books are at the top of their genre in both excellence and readability.

  • Created in the Image of God by Anthony Hoekema
  • Man: The Image of God by G.C. Berkouwer
  • The Christian View of Man by J. Gresham Machen
  • Human Nature in its Fourfold State by Thomas Boston
  • Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood John Piper and Wayne Grudem (Editors)
  • Willing to Believe by R.C. Sproul
  • The Bondage of the Will by Martin Luther
  • The Freedom of the Will by Jonathan Edwards
  • The Doctrine of Sin by Iain Campbell
  • Sin by G.C. Berkouwer
  • The Evils of Evils by Jeremiah Burroughs

I hope you’ll find these resources helpful as I have.

In Christ Alone,

Dave Jenkins

Executive Editor, Theology for Life Magazine


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