On today’s Equipping You in Grace show, Dave talks with Doug and Holly about the dangers of the NAR, spiritual abuse, and NAR-inspired music, how the NAR has partnered with Christian media, and how they respond to criticism on a variety of NAR topics.

Pick up their latest book, Counterfeit Kingdom: The Dangers of New Revelation, New Prophets, and New Age Practices in the Church (B&H, 2022).

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • The marks and signs of things to look out for with the NAR.
  • The dangers of the NAR and spiritual abuse.
  • Why Christians shouldn’t sing NAR-inspired music.
  • The danger of NAR-inspired music.
  • What the seven mountain mandate is, and how Doug and Holly balance their critique of the NAR over and against other end times views out there.
  • The influence of the NAR and how it aims to infiltrate and influence government at every level of society.
  • How the NAR has partnered with Christian media and how that has led to the mainstreaming of the NAR in the Church today.
  • How Doug and Holly stay focused on critiquing the NAR movement while not alienating anyone in the charismatic and cessationist conversations.

About Our Guest

Holly Pivec is a blogger, author, and speaker, as well as a pastor’s wife and homeschooling mom. She has a master’s degree in apologetics from Biola University, where she also served as university editor for nearly a decade. She has coauthored two books about the New Apostolic Reformation: A New Apostolic Reformation? and God’s Super-Apostles. She operates a popular blog which has followers from around the world, and has spoken and written for several audiences and outlets.

R. Douglas Geivett is a husband, father to two grown children, professor, author, and speaker. He has a PhD in philosophy from USC and teaches at Biola University and Talbot School of Theology. Douglas has written or edited several books and spoken on issues related to the New Apostolic Reformation, Christian apologetics, and the Christian life to audiences all over the world.

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