We spent some time last year engaging various issues I labeled as “Lesson from the Garden”. Why start at the beginning and focus so much on the book of Genesis? I firmly believe that until a proper and well-rooted foundation is built from those formative pages of Scripture, the rest cannot be understood. If we race to Paul or Revelation, we have not appropriately addressed the issue of why we need redemption and why sin is such a problem or for that matter, why the Messiah needed to come and will come again.

At a recent Bible study, we explored the reality of three important issues that impact all of the Scripture and thus all of life: Existence, Relationships, and Processes. We all exist, we all have relationships, and we are all involved in the process known as life. When it comes to Scripture and how existence, relationships, and processes play into its message, there are three stages we must take note of – before sin, after sin, and future redemption/restoration from the ravages of sin.

A common word can be found in those three stages – sin. If we need to be redeemed and restored, that requires by definition the reality of there being something to be redeemed from and a former state to which restoration can be compared. It also implies a current state of disarray that impacts existence, relationships, and processes.

I am going to divide the discussion of existence, relationships, and processes into three posts. The first will address what life was like in a perfect state prior to sin, a time when existence, relationships, and processes were not married by sin. The next post will address the current state, this period of time between the original perfect creation prior to sin and the redeemed/restored creation in eternity future. The final post will address the redeemed/restored state when existence, relationships, and processes all have the deleterious impacts of sin removed.

We are going to cover a lot of ground in these three posts. This is a vitally important topic as these three issues (existence, relationships, and processes) impact us all. None of us can escape any of the three and our understanding of Scripture, specifically where things started, what happened to mar that existence to include where we are today, and what we are looking forward to.

So hang on tight. This will be a fun and exciting ride through Scripture. Over the next three weeks or so we will unpack what all this means for us.

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