On today’s Equipping You in Grace show, Dave talks with Costi Hinn about examples of how the Holy Spirit is abused today, how Christians need to understand the Holy Spirit from Scripture and what the Church has taught, the Holy Spirit in the life of the Christian and the Church, along with his book, Knowing the Spirit: Who He Is, What He Does, and How He Can Transform Your Christian Life (Zondervan, 2023).

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • Examples of how the Holy Spirit is abused today.
  • How the Church needs to understand what the Scripture and the church history has taught about the Holy Spirit.
  • The dangers of entertainment approaches to ministry verses faithfulness to Scripture.
  • Current stats on the Holy Spirit in the Church today.
  • How Christians should speak to and about false teachers.
  • The dangers in the modern church on a consumer driven approach to ministry and how that affects our understanding of the Holy Spirit.
  • The Holy Spirit uses the reading, studying, meditating, memorizing f Scripture personally and the hearing of the preached Word corporately in the life of the Christian.
  • The meaning and purpose of illumination.
  • Why the lay person and pastors need the help of the Lord in reading, studying, and teaching God’s Word.
  • Help for the Pastor on preaching the Word.
  • Why our worship is to be grounded in and shaped by the Word.
  • Why the worship music we listen to personally and with God’s people on the Lord’s day is to be sound in doctrine and the importance of this.
  • The nature and purpose of worship.
  • What it looks like for the Christian in the pew in our local churches to preserve the unity of the Spirit when they disagree on the non-essential but important doctrines.
  • The importance of biblical unity.
  • The dangers of false unity.

About the Guest

Costi W. Hinn serves as teaching pastor of Shepherd’s House Bible Church in Chandler, Arizona, and is the founder and president of For the Gospel, a resource ministry that provides sound doctrine for everyday people. Costi has authored several books, including Knowing the Spirit; More Than a Healer; and God, Greed and the (Prosperity) Gospel; and has coauthored multiple children’s titles, including In Jesus’ Name I Pray, alongside his wife, Christyne. He is currently completing his doctorate at The Master’s Seminary. Costi and Christyne are the joyful parents of five children.

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