On today’s Equipping You in Grace show, Dave and Justin discuss faithfulness and focus and how that should impact the Christian life and ministry, the dangers of wrong views of God’s judgment are, why learning patience helps us to remain steadfast, along with his book, Behold An Invitation to Wonder (Christian Focus, 2021).

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • In what way are our hearts starved for wonder, and how the Lord alone meets that need.
  • How the temptation of Jesus in the desert instructions Christians today.
  • How to remain faithful and focused on our growth in grace even when we are tired or feel we aren’t as effective as we might be.
  • What our view of celebrities and heroes reveals about our understanding of Jesus.
  • Three lessons Paul’s passionate address to the Ephesian leaders teaches us.
  • How a biblical understanding of Jesus should impact our every act, decision, and thought.
  • How learning patience helps us remain steadfast.
  • What wrong ideas of God’s judgment do to the gospel and our Christian life.
  • How the return of Jesus should shape our view of the present and future.

About the Guest

Justin Huffman is a graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary and pastored churches in the States for over 15 years. He is currently lead pastor of Morningstar Christian Fellowship in Toronto, where he lives with his wife Chau and their four children. Justin is the author of the “Daily Devotion” app, as well as numerous books and articles, including his newest book Behold: an Invitation to Wonder. Connect with him at justinhuffman.org.

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