On today’s Equipping You in Grace Episode, Dave Jenkins and Justin Huffman discuss the biblical foundations and biblical practices of local churches, along with the importance of mentoring, and with his book, Adorned How To Grow A Biblically Beautiful Church: An Exegesis of Titus 2 (DayOne, 2018)

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • The foundations for a healthy church.
  • How Titus 2 addresses the local church.
  • How churches can implement Titus 2 into the life and ministry of the local church.
  • How essential is it that sound doctrine is taught, modeled, and practiced for the life of local churches.
  • The role preaching should have in the life of a local church.
  • Why it’s necessary to have an objective and transcendent standard by which to measure and motivate good works.
  • Why Paul’s teaching in Titus means preaching must be accompanied by godly living in the preacher.
  • The core truths Paul articulates in Titus 2 as central to the Christian gospel.
  • The role the community of the local churches plays in good works towards one another in the local church.
  • The dangers of living an isolated Christian life apart from the local church.
  • Why the local church is relevant to the life of every Christian.
  • Why every Christian needs to sit under the preached Word of God.
  • The role of ministry leaders in mentoring others in the local church.
  • How older men can mentor younger men and how older women can mentor younger women.
  • Why asking for help from other Christian is a mark of Christian maturity.

About the Guest

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