On today’s Equipping You in Grace Episode, Dave Jenkins and Josh Moody discuss the place and importance of the Scriptures in the Christian life and ministry, along with his book, How the Bible Can Change Your Life: Answers to the Ten Most Common Questions about the Bible (Christian Focus, 2018)

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • Learning to ask good questions of the biblical text from having sound biblical convictions about the Bible.
  • Chronological snobbery and the living Word of God.
  • How Christians can learn to place themselves under the Word of God.
  • Some strategies for Christians beginning to read the Bible daily.
  • Discovering whether people are audio or visual learners and helping them to use the right tools to help them grow in the grace of God.
  • How church leaders and pastors can use the Scriptures effectively in their local church.
  • Helping Christians begin to think in biblical categories and from a biblical worldview.
  • Christians, college, and the life of the mind in the Christian tradition.
  • Learning to contend for the faith with the Word of God.
  • A Christian view of tolerance and engagement in the public square.
  • An attitude of humility towards reading and hearing the preached Word of God.
  • The importance of reading and studying the Bible in its proper context.
  • How our convictions about the Bible affect our view of preaching the Word of God.
  • Having a long-term strategy of training future church leaders who can think in biblical categories and from a biblical worldview.

About the Guest

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