Josh Moody- Boasting When We Boast Right, We Live Right, and We Bear Much Fruit to God’s Honor

Posted On April 8, 2019

On today’s Equipping You in Grace, Dave Jenkins and Josh Moody discuss the role of biblical boasting in the life of the Christian, along with his book, Boasting: When We Boast Right, We Live Right, And We Bear Much Fruit To God’s Honour (Christian Focus, 2019).

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • Where the idea of biblical boasting comes from and why it matters.
  • How important it is that the Church engages with biblical boasting rightly.
  • What biblical boasting looks like in the day to day stuff of life.
  • The dangers of influence and what ungodly boasting looks like.
  • How Christians can guard against sinful boasting in our social media use.
  • How we can appropriately use social media as a tool to boast about the Lord.
  • How understanding Soli Deo Gloria helps Christians examine whether their motives are for the glory of God or their own
  • The importance of humility in the Christian life and ministry.
  • The importance of spiritual maturity and accountability in the Christian life.
  • The importance of biblical truth, integrity, and honesty in the Christian life.
  • Why the grace of God frees Christians to be who they are in Him.

About the Guest

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