On today’s Equipping You in Grace show Dave talks with Jeff and Sarah Walton about strategies in communicating with your spouse, building friendship and trust in a marriage, along with their excellent new book, Together Through the Storms: Biblical Encouragements for Your Marriage When Life Hurts (The Good Book, 2020).

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • Preparing for challenges in communication.
  • Learning to think the best of my spouse.
  • Learning to ask clarifying questions of your spouse and working through communicating challenges.
  • What it means to keep short accounts with the Lord and your spouse.
  • Learning to extend grace to your spouse.
  • Learning to work and develop trust and friendship in marriage.
  • Couples learning to work as a couple.
  • Using the time of COVID-19 to develop godly habits in our walk with the Lord and marriage.
  • What it looks like being intentional in loving and caring for one another in the home.
  • Some lessons on learning to wait on the Lord.
  • Why waiting on the Lord is an opportunity to grow in the grace of God.

About the Guest

Jeff Walton

Jeff is a member of The Orchard Church in Chicago. He grew up in Cleveland (and is still a fan of the Indians, Browns, and Cavaliers), and works in healthcare technology sales.

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