Paul and Emily Massey, two dear believers who worked for Joyce Meyer’s, have decided that they would rather have Jesus.

You can learn more about that over on their website, beautifully named or you can reach out to them on social media:

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Twitter for Emily – and Paul –

We are so thankful that this couple was able to come on our program and discuss Joyce Meyer’s theology. As two former employees, they both have a unique understanding of the concerns surrounding the teachings of Mrs. Meyers. With love, and sympathy, they are working hard to expose the dangers of the false teaching coming from her ministry. We hope that this episode will be edifying, and educational. Below is a timestamped outline for anyone who wants to skip around.

Paul and Emily Outline

  1. Testimony
  1. Emily TS 00:01:55
  2. Paul TS 00:06:05
  1. How can pastors/elders/congregations feed a starving believer who has been without discipleship? TS 00:09:05
    1. What should the sheep do once they realize they are not being fed Biblical doctrine?
  2. How did y’all meet and get married, and did that change how you thought about theology? TS 00:13:40
  3. When and how did you both end up working for Joyce Meyers? TS 00:17:35
  4. How many volunteers worked there? TS 00:21:20
    1. How many employees?
  5. Are you seeing any red flags while you’re working there? TS 00:22:00
  6. Did the recent Benny Hinn apology shake anyone up? TS 00:27:35
  7. Jesus Culture teamed up with Joyce Meyer? TS 00:28:15
    1. Who else?
    2. Bands?
    3. Artists?
    4. Any other colleges like CFNI?
  8. What would you say to a believer who finds themselves in a church that is compromising, and locking arms with false teachers? TS 00:34:00
  9. 10.Becca went to a Joyce Meyer conference in Phoenix TS 00:36:00
    1. Does that happen often?
    2. Most people coming to these events are the unsaved or deceived…
    3. She’s being ministry for over 33+ years…I’m about to turn 33 and this is heartbreaking.
      1. She is unrepentant
    1. Someone punched one of the ushers and had to make announcement.
  10. What was the theological issues that caused you to leave? TS 00:41:00
    1. Sermon, scripture, book?
  11. What would you say to Joyce Meyer’s if you were able to sit down with her? TS 00:45:45
  12. How did your families respond? TS 01:01:00
  13. What is the Gospel? TS 01:05:25
  14. Joyce Meyer last year stated she “out of balance.” In regard to prosperity gospel? TS 01:07:40

Shenanigans TS 01:16:00

  • Pineapple Pizza
  • Lauren Question
  • Becca Question

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