We’re so excited to have had Rikki LeGrand back on our program for a second part to her interview. We hope that this discussion will be helpful to anyone who has family members or friends that are still in the WoF movement. We also pray that our podcast is edifying, and encouraging to our listeners. Below is a timestamped outline for anyone who wants to fast forward through bits or pieces. There are some very fun bloopers at the end which will be more fun to view over at our YouTube channel which you can check out here. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, and leave us a review.

Intro- TimeStamp 00:02:00

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  1. Testimony TimeStamp 00:09:00
    1. What scripture was the biggest scripture or book of the bible that was most helpful coming out of the WoF
      1. Do you still feel like you are re-learning the bible?
    2. How has your family and friends reacted to your conversion?
  2. What teachers/preachers/sermons/books have been encouraging to you coming out of the WoF? TimeStamp 00:17:00
  3. Current Adventures TimeStamp 00:20:00
    1. Going to any conferences or concerts this year?
    2. What music do you like?
    3. What are currently:
      1. Reading (book, audiobook, devotional, or bible etc.)
      2. Listening to (blogs, podcasts, sermons, teachings, study groups, bible studies etc.)
    4. Any musical adventures coming up in the future?
    5. Have you ever thought of doing a blog, podcast, or book in the future?
  4. How can we be praying for you? TimeStamp 00:39:20

Shenanigans: TimeStamp 00:39:55

Lauren’s question:

Baby Yoda or Coffee?

Becca’s Question:

Favorite 90’s show?

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