The gals were blessed to be joined by a dear sister, and beloved friend, Rikki LeGrand. She was raised Catholic, fell into depression, and later found herself deceived by the Word of Faith movement. God was gracious enough to save her, and she was kind enough to share her story for our listeners. We hope that it will be edifying, and encouraging to you all. There are some very fun bloopers at the end, as the three ladies had way more fun recording than should be allowed, which you can better see over at our YouTube page here: . Below is a timestamped outline, for anyone who would like to skip through the episode.

Rikki Episode

Intro- Shoutouts: TimeStamp 00:01:35

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1. Testimony – Timestamp 00:06:40


a. Did you grow up going to church…what kind of church?

2. WoF/Hypercharismatic experiences – Timestamp 00:32:30

3. What were some red flags to you while you were in or red flags for others who are still caught up in the movement? – Timestamp 00:32:30

4. How and when did you hear the true Gospel? – Timestamp 00:47:00

a. What scripture was the biggest scripture or book of the bible that was most helpful coming out of the WoF

b. Do you still feel like you are re-learning the bible?

c.How has your family and friends reacted to your conversion?

5. What teachers/preachers/sermons/books have been encouraging to you coming out of the WoF?


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