Christians are called to be a people of a particular book, namely the Bible, which is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, correction and rebuke (2 Tim. 3:16). Godly saints from the early church to the present have all been readers. Men like Charles Spurgeon, John Owen, Augustine, Athanasius, John Piper, John MacArthur, Justin Martyr, Matt Chandler, Jonathan Edwards, and John Calvin were all men who read godly books.

In my teenager years, I started to devour godly books, a practice that continues to this day. Reading quality godly books has been a means the Lord has used for my spiritual growth in Christ. Reading the Bible and godly books helps keep the people of God be grounded in the Word of God, even as they grow in understanding of the Bible and the grace of God.

Reading is important for knowing and making known Jesus. The saints of old produced godly books. Christians must continue this practice today for the purpose of advancing the Gospel to a lost and dying world. The people of God should read godly books because Jesus calls His people to love Him with all their hearts, minds and strength (Matthew 22:39-40). Christian living requires that God’s people think Christianly. The people of God are a peculiar people who derive their beliefs from a particular book – the Bible. Christians should first read the Word of God and then utilize godly Christian books to help them grow in Christ.

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