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How to Enjoy Reading Your Bible

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How to Enjoy Reading Your Bible Who has ever become bored at some point with reading the Bible? I would venture to say everyone should have raised their hands because at some point in our life or perhaps at some juncture of our yearly Bible reading schedule, the desire to dive into Scripture faded somewhat. Blame it on Leviticus or Deuteronomy if you want or even those long lists of genealogies. What is the solution to dealing with the Bible reading blues? Keith Ferrin, in his helpful book How to Enjoy Reading Your Bible, shares some excellent insights on how to get the passion back when it comes to engaging God’s Word.

Ferrin shares 10 techniques for a better and more comprehensive approach to reading the Bible. Each chapter is devoted to a particular technique. Following his exploration and discussion of each technique, Ferrin provides a summation of the chapter as well as both elements to be used in a group setting and for personal reflection. This is perhaps what makes this book so useful. While each and every technique Ferrin provides will undoubtedly transform not only how we read Scripture, but more importantly how we understand its contents while we read, the group discussion and personal reflection aspects make this book useful on a number of fronts, namely in a small group setting and of course in your own personal efforts.

There were times as I was reading this book when I noticed concepts that were taught in Seminary, in particular in hermeneutics class. For instance, the importance of context and grasping the big picture is noted by Ferrin and rightfully so as we cannot always understanding the details without connecting with the larger storyline. The technique of first reading the entirety of a particular book of the Bible before diving into the details in truly invaluable. If one utilizes the technique of reading a shorter book of the Bible every day for 30 days straight, imagine how ingrained the theme and the details will become in your mind and your heart.

Another valuable element of this book is the fact Ferrin builds his conversation not just on helpful techniques, but more importantly on the reality that reading Scripture is all about a relationship. This is no ordinary relationship. This is building a relationship with your Creator, the one who inspired men through the Holy Ghost to write the very words you will be spending time reading. Scripture outlines how we are to love God and love others along with the greater reality of the message of redemption. While understanding theology and the details is important, if our approach is devoid of building that necessary relationship with God, we are going about it the wrong way. As Ferrin saliently notes, “Isn’t the goal of a relationship to know someone, not know about them?” This is especially true when it comes to reading Scripture.

I urge everyone to take to heart and to put into practice the techniques provided by Ferrin in this excellent book. Use these techniques in a small group setting or in your own personal Bible reading time. As you explore what Ferrin has to share, you will find your love for the Word of God renewed and your understanding of Scripture growing because each of these tools Ferrin’s shares are all about that necessary building of relationship. Whether you have been reading the Bible for 50 years or whether you are new to Scripture, please give this book a read.

This book is available for purchase from Bethany House by clicking here.

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