There are so many false teachers today, and so many teachers that have become concerning to the discerning ear. How do we know when we need to go from not recommending someone to warning against them? What causes the infamous slip into Francis Chan’ing us? Chris Rosebrough explains, as well as sharing his testimony and how he began YouTubing/podcasting. Below is a timestamped outline that includes links to all the resources discussed in this video. 00:34:00 – Have you seen any fruit in your unbelieving family members after being graciously saved?00:38:30 – What do you recommend we do when we share the Gospel with our family?00:47:20 – How did the name Pirate Christian Media come about?00:53:00 – What about the name Fighting for the Faith?00:54:30 – How did you end up on YouTube?01:02:45 – Where did the prophecy bingo come from?01:06:30 – How do we know when a teacher has gone beyond teaching borderline falsehoods and one that has become heretical?01:10:00 – Check out this great Rosebrough video explaining the false prophets of today: – What are the red flags when a teacher starts teaching falsely?01:23:55 – Kayliegh asks if YouTube has ever taken down any of Mr. Rosebrough’s video’s01:22:35 – Have you seen teachers be rebuked, repent, and then go on to be theologically solid?01:24:20 – What about Matthew 18?01:26:15 – How can pastors/elders/husbands protect their flocks/families from false teaching?01:27:40 – What is the weirdest heresy you’ve ever heard being taught? – Do you like pineapple on your pizza?01:34:40 – Lightening round of listeners questionsDebate with Jim Staley: on Sid Roth: Kozar:
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