On today’s episode of Tulips and Honey Lauren and Dave discuss handling criticism in your writing and podcast journey, building credibility as a writer and author, the local church and accountability for writers and authors, and the process of writing a helpful review.

Topics You’ll Hear About on This Episode:

  • Handling criticism as a writer or podcaster.
  • The importance of building an audience before you publish.
  • Dealing with rejection as a writer.
  • Writing in a truthful and graceful way.
  • The importance of humility in working with an editor.
  • Building credibility as a writer and author.
  • The local church and having accountability as a writer and podcaster.
  • How to receive encouragement as a writer and podcaster and give thanks to the Lord.
  • The process of writing a very helpful review.

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Thanks for listening to this episode of Tulips and Honey.

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