On today’s Equipping You in Grace episode, Dave Jenkins and Greg Gilbert discuss the Bible’s teaching on assurance and how to minister to those struggling with issues related to assurance with the gospel, along with his book, Assured- Discover Grace, Let Go of Guilt and Rest in Your Salvation (Baker, 2019).

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • How the gospel provides assurance for Christians.
  • The primary sources of assurance for the Christian.
  • The relationship between assurance and perseverance.
  • How pastors should minister to people in their congregations on topics related to guilt, shame, and condemnation.
  • Ministering to those in our congregations who struggle with doubt.
  • How the promises of God help Christians struggling with assurance.
  • Why it’s important that Christians understand the Bible’s teaching on the Holy Spirit’s witness in their lives.
  • Some lies Christians believe on the topic of assurance and how they fight against these lies.
  • What role our good works play in our assurance.
  • A brief outline on the issue of besetting sins.
  • How Christians can strive to grow in their assurance.
  • Why our security in Christ is secure, but our fellowship with God can be broken by sin.

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