, God’s Battle Plan For The Mind: The Puritan Practice of Biblical Meditation, Servants of GraceFew issues related to the doctrine of the Bible are as confusing to people as the issue of meditation. With the rise of New Age thinking combined with the popular practice of secular meditation, we should not be surprised by confusion on biblical meditation. The Church has a long history of teaching on meditation from the Word of God. Understanding this teaching is critical since every Christian is to read and study the Word. Every Christian is to delight in the Word of the Lord in the Word of God. David Sexton’s new book God’s Battle Plan For The Mind The Puritan Practice of Biblical Meditation is a very helpful new book that will help readers to understand from the Word of God and church history what the Church has taught about meditation.

This book is an extended look at the meditation—what it is and what it isn’t. As the author sweeps away the secular ideas of meditation, he replaces them with a biblical view on meditation that is splendid and glorious. Also along the way are a plethora of Reformation and Puritan quotes that will help readers to grasp the biblical teaching on meditation.

God’s Battle Plan For The Mind would be a good book for new or seasoned Christians to learn from on biblical meditation. Even though I’ve read and studied the spiritual disciplines several times there was much in this book, especially from the Puritans that I’ve never read before. This is a truly excellent book, one when combined with its focus on the Bible, teaching from the history of the Church, and practical theology will help new and mature Christians to grow in their knowledge and understanding of biblical meditation.

I highly recommend God’s Battle Plan For The Mind and believe every Christian will benefit from reading this book. My prayer is that as you read this book you’ll linger long not only over the text of this book, but also over the Scriptures about which Sexton writes about.

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Title: God’s Battle Plan For The Mind The Puritan Practice of Biblical Meditation

Author: David W. Sexton

Publisher: RHB (2015)

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