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Forensic Faith by J. Warner Wallace

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J. Warner Wallace is an experienced cold-case detective and a committed follower of Jesus Christ. In his latest book, Forensic Faith, J. Warner Wallace brings a wealth of experience and knowledge. The book is apologetic in nature but is laced with evangelistic fervor.

Several features mark Forensic Faith and make it a beneficial resource to beginning Christians and seasoned veterans. First, Wallace argues that Christians have a duty to be “Christian case makers.” That is, they must present a compelling case for the historicity and reliability of the Christian faith. Indeed, we must be “prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you” (1 Pet. 3:15). The author adds, “It’s time for the distinctly evidential nature of Christianity to result in a distinctly intelligent, reasonable, and evidential family of believers. This Christian difference ought to form our Christian duty. We are called to embrace a forensic faith and to love God with our minds.” The duty to present this compelling case, therefore, forms an unbreakable foundation for the remainder of the book.

Second, apologetic training must be specifically targeted. This “training, writes Warner, “is more than mere instruction. Training involves putting instruction into practice.” There is a fine line between teaching which imparts knowledge and training which prepares learners for a unique challenge.

Third, intense investigation must undergird would-be apologists. Five practices are suggested: 1) Read the Bible completely. 2) Think about the evidence for God and the Bible broadly. 3) Takes notes and analyze the Bible thoroughly, 4) Summarize and organize the biblical evidence usefully, and 5) Add to the biblical case evidentially.

Fourth, readers are urged to utilize convincing communication skills which culminate with the much-needed skill of closing the argument with winsome persuasion.

The book includes a helpful section that describes brief answers to typical challenging questions that may be leveled on a university campus or other challenging arena.

Forensic Faith is a helpful tool that should be utilized by many as they seek to gain a better understanding of the Christian faith to make a positive case for its claims.

One weakness is that page numbers are not provided in the table of contents, an oversight that should be corrected in future editions. There is some redundancy in this work that may leave readers bogged down and frustrated. Apart from these minor critiques, I commend Forensic Faith and trust that the contents will be a deep encouragement to many.

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