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Book Review – Finally Free: Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace

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Pornography is a massive problem inside and outside the Church. It is also a problem that has affected me personally as one who has overcome an addiction to pornography. While I’ve often written about pornography and how to overcome it, I’m always amazed that there is more to cover and examine when it comes to this issue. I’ve read widely on the topic of pornography from both a secular and Christian perspective to better understand a variety of issues that relate to why people get addicted to pornography. I can honestly say I haven’t read a better book that ties the Gospel to the problem of pornography and how to overcome a porn addiction than Dr. Health Lambert’s new book Finally Free: Fighting for Purity With the Power of Grace.

I’ve become increasingly convinced both through my own studies, experience and ministering to those who are addicted to pornography that one cannot minister and speak on this topic without struggling with this issue to some degree themselves. This is one reason I appreciate Dr. Lambert’s book because he writes about his struggle and the process he went through to overcome an addiction to pornography. People who’ve wrestled with an addiction to pornography and found freedom in Jesus are able to point out why they struggled and how people can find hope and healing in Jesus.

While the whole book is extremely helpful, grounded in the Word of God and the Gospel of the Lord Jesus, two ideas from the book stood out to me, namely forgiving and transforming grace. While the vast majority of the literature on this topic talks about how to “overcome” or how the brain is affected by pornography or how to be pure, what I appreciate about this book is how the author holds out the Gospel to those who are struggling. While some books do this particularly well, what is different about Lambert’s effort is his approach is grounded not just in the idea of grace but rather the explicit focus on the Gospel of grace. It is this explicitness on the Gospel that sets this book apart from the rest and is one reason why I believe that when it comes to the literature on this topic, Finally Free sets itself apart from the rest.  It’s Word-centered, Gospel-focused and grace-centered approach will help those struggling with pornography to see beyond their struggle and the issues that surround their addiction to pornography.

Pornography is all around us. Pornography is an insidious disease that is crippling men and women of all ages. Many Christians struggle with this issue in silence trapped by its power. Yet breaking free of porn does not happen by trying harder to change or following a particular method. As this book sets forth, the only sure and effective motivation for change is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In this book you’ll be guided by an experienced counselor and teacher in Dr. Lambert who identifies eight strategies grounded in the work of Christ that will help people locked in the grip of pornography to find freedom and a road map for change. Whether you are struggling yourself or are trying to help someone who struggles with pornography, there is good news. No matter how intense the struggle, there is hope in Jesus Christ who can, will and does set people free from the power of pornography.

Coming to terms with an addiction to pornography is a very difficult thing and requires a great deal of courage. The Gospel calls one out of the darkness and into the light. This is exactly what Finally Free does so well — it calls sinners to come out of hiding, out of shame, and out of guilt and into Jesus Christ. While I’ve read widely on this topic, I’ve not read a better book on this topic, one that is richly biblical and centered in the Gospel. This book will be of help to Pastors, youth ministers, college ministers, and Christians of all ages who struggle against the tide of our pornographic age.

Title: Finally Free: Fighting for Purity with the Power of GraceBook Review - Finally Free: Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace 1

Author: Health Lambert

Publisher: Zondervan (2013)

I received this book for free from Zondervan via Cross Focused Reviews for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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