I had the privilege of being joining once again by Jasmin Davis, who is not just brilliant at decorating but also just brilliant! She’s talking to me today about evolution, creation science, and how Christians should respond to these viewpoints. Below is a timestamped outline of the entire conversation, in case you want to move around a bit. There are also some links to connect with Jasmin and see her work in home decorating.



TS 00:05:20 – Is it important for us to have an answer to these issues for our children?

TS 00:07:10 – What is a scientific theory?

TS 00:09:15 – Can you explain the difference between an actual scientific theory such as gravity and evolutionism?

TS 00:13:00 – Has there ever been any actual evidence found for Macro Evolution?

Articles about the false claims of missing links: https://wordpress.com/posts/biblicalbeginningsblog.wordpress.com?s=foolish

TS 00:16:00 – How should Christians think about the secular “green” movement, and the inconsistency of fighting for polar bears instead of letting natural selection happen?

TS 00:17:30 – How do you address Evolution with your children?

TS 00:18:45 – Will you be teaching your children both sides of the debate?

TS 00:21:45 – Were you already saved during college and did you face any issues when addressing evolutionism vs creationism

TS 00:22:55 – Will you encourage your daughters to have this conversation when or if they go to college?

TS 00:24:22 – What was the best evidence you have heard for Creationism?

TS 00:36:00 – Is Evolutionism a theological issue that should be addressed at church?

TS 00:37:45 – What resources do you recommend for learning about Creation Science?

1. Answers in Genesis – The New Answers Book: https://answersingenesis.org/answers/books/new-answers-book-1/

2. Apologia Homeschooling Curriculum: https://www.apologia.com

3. http://creationsearch.org

TS 00:41:00 – What’s the deal with the Law of Information

Silly Questions

TS 00:42:45 – Pineapple on pizza?

TS 00:44:40 – If something in science fiction could be real what would you want?

You can find Jasmin on Instagram @the_clever_decorator and @the_clever_homeschooler

Or her website here: https://msha.ke/the_clever_decorator/

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