On today’s Equipping You in Grace episode, Dave and Doreen Virtue discuss the danger of syncretism, the authority and sufficiency of Scripture, lawless living and legalism, Christian obedience, the providence of God, and the danger of yoga and the enneagram.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode

  • Humility and teachableness from God’s Word.
  • The danger of syncretism and blending Christian theology with secular and worldly philosophies and religions.
  • The authority and sufficiency of Scripture and the Christian.
  • The difference of godly repentance versus worldly difference.
  • The danger of lawless living and legalism.
  • The nature of real Christian obedience.
  • The meaning of Christian providence and its importance in our Christian lives.
  • Advice for sharing the gospel to those in the New Age.
  • The danger of yoga and the enneagram for Christians.

Recommended Resources Discussed in this Episode

Former Yoga Instructors now Christians Warning about Yoga on Doreen’s Channel:





Check out Michelle Lesley’s solid work on biblical doctrine and discernment at https://michellelesley.com/

Doreen’s website is: DoreenVirtue.com and you can find her at Instagram.com/DoreenVirtue, Facebook.com/DoreenVirtueForJesus, and YouTube.com/DoreenVirtueForJesus

About the Guest

Raised in Christian Science, Doreen Virtue was formerly the top-selling New Age author at the world’s largest New Age publisher, until Jesus opened her eyes to the gospel. She got baptized for the first time, began spreading the gospel message, and denouncing the New Age. After getting fired from her New Age publisher and losing most of her friends, some of her family members, enduring cruel slander and spiritual warfare, and losing her home, Doreen and her husband, Michael, began rebuilding their lives on the solid foundation of Jesus. They learned how to trust in God, instead of trying to predict or control the future. Today, they live in the Pacific Northwest where they attend a biblically solid church and Doreen attends seminary studying biblical theology so that she won’t be deceived again.

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